Breaking News: San Diego Mission Team Relaunched!

by Jermaine Peacock – Evangelist

Just over two months ago, a band of disciples got together in the Peacock’s home to discuss what it would take to rebuild a base of only soldout disciples in San Diego, CA.  God began to knit together a family of spiritual warriors with a missionary mindset bent on the evangelization of the Greater San Diego Area which includes a staggering 3, 095, 313 souls.  There was a resolute and determined conviction to do whatever was necessary to build a base of wholehearted disciples fully committed in heart to the Lord Jesus Christ.  This would mean that every disciple and every Bible Talk would undergo a time of humble examination, confession and be called to obliterate any and all sin that would impede their love for God and obedience to Jesus Christ.

The call for every disciple was to love Jesus more than any relationship in their life, more than themselves and be willing to give up everything Jesus.  Anything less would be considered as missing the mark of God, consequently, repentance would be the only solution for any and all disciples who had not treasured Jesus is this way.  Congregational repentance would include every disciple Counting the Cost of following Jesus and every disciple giving an account of their level of involvement in the Great Commission. Any and all excuses would be annihilated and be replaced with the denial of self and the daily embracing of the cross; no matter how old or young, strong or weak, whether married, single, campus or youth.

As the Banner of the Lord lifts high in the sky in beautiful San Diego, of this you can be certain when a radical stand for the King of Kings is taken, the demonic forces of evil will surely begin to strike.  

Essentially a stand for righteousness says to Satan that he is no longer welcome, consequently, he lurks in the darkness waiting for an opportune time to pounce, his goal is to cause doubt by telling half truths in order to dilute the teachings of the Bible and throw disciples into confusion, fogginess, and disarray. Very sadly, Satan has dragged some disciples away from us who have refused to repent. Nevertheless what has emerged is a bright shining light on the coast of Southern California, a Church Family in San Diego full of Spiritual Warriors wholeheartedly committed in heart to the Lord Jesus Christ. The love of our Heavenly Father has disciplined us and pruned us to be even more fruitful for His cause.We are halfway through the year, the Greater San Diego ICC has had 16 total additions to date! In fact, just over the last five weeks as the Church focused on building a base of only disciples, by the grace of God, the Lord has added weekly additions, raised a Ministry Intern sent to strengthen the CAICC, raised up a new Shepherd-in-Training, raised up four new Bible Talk leaders and multiplied from two House Churches into three House Churches. Now, revitalized and energized with a missionary mindset the Greater San Diego ICC is demonstrating a more determined spirit to Love God, Love People, Make Disciples & Obey Jesus.

Sunday, June 11, 2017, the Church celebrated their repentance by relaunching the Greater San Diego Mission Team of 44 soldout disciples bent on the evangelization of San Diego and all the nations in our generation.

We witnessed a record attendance for the year, the Lord added two additions including Shanik who was baptized into the Lord that afternoon.   That small band of disciples just a few months ago has sparked a new spirit in San Diego consistent with the spirit of the Discipling Ministries of the 80‘s and 90‘s and today found in the Soldout Discipling Movement.  We are seeing the joy of our salvation, incredible baptisms, restorations & placed memberships!

We are so thankful for the example of the 42 disciples that moved to LA to start the City of Angels International Christian Church in 2007 with the dream to evangelize the world in our generation. That one Church with a base of 42 sold out disciples has now sent out 26 plantings (of which San Diego was one of them) and has multiplied into 76 Churches, 31 Nations, on all populated continents of the world & now with over 5,000 Disciples!

A special thank you to the Kernan’s for your leadership & guidance, the Feumba’s for your discipling & constant encouragement, for the Speckman’s  for your love and friendship and the McKean’s for your love & tireless effort to build a movement to reach all nations for the glory of God.