Join Us for Sunday Worship Service at 10:00am (1/14/18)

Presidio Park, San Diego, CA (Address: 4287 Cosoy Way, San Diego, CA 92103)


  • Greetings from Los Angeles! Praise God that there have been new discipling churches planted in 2017 in Birmingham, England; Kona, Hawaii; Monterrey, Mexico; Rio de Janeiro, Brazil; Kiev, Ukraine; Guam; Cebu, Philippines; Miami/Ft. Lauderdale; and the Twelfth Crown of Thorns Church – Hong Kong,... [read more]
  • Greetings from Los Angeles! It has now been two weeks since the historic Sunday Worship Service of the 2017 Global Leadership Conference (GLC) – VICTORIOUS! Highlights included the memorable Kingdom Appointments of Dean Lam now of Hong Kong, and Aaron & Sharmayne Viscichini of New York City; a m... [read more]
  • by Jermaine Peacock - Evangelist Just over two months ago, a band of disciples got together in the Peacock’s home to discuss what it would take to rebuild a base of only soldout disciples in San Diego, CA.  God began to knit together a family of spiritual warriors with a missionary mindset bent o... [read more]
  • Dear Friend, Greetings from New York City, Moscow, Manila, Honolulu and Los Angeles! Highlights of my month-long Missionary Journey included witnessing the moving "good confession" of Ali – our sixth disciple at Columbia University, an Ivy League College in New York City! In Moscow, almost 250 disc... [read more]
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